Return to Wonderland

A collection of new stories, to be published by MacMillan in June 2019, and written by some of the best loved authors from across the UK.

“Tumble down the rabbit hole again to find out what happens in Wonderland without Alice there.”

This book is an absolute delight and is the sort of read that makes me wish I had my own class again. I like Alice in Wonderland but would not have called myself a particular fan, prior to reading this – it has, however, inspired me to dig out my childhood copy of Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic and re-read it.

All eleven chapters are a different short story, written by some of my more recent favourite authors and others whose work I hadn’t read before but have quickly added to my TBR pile. Each chapter begins with a very brief introduction, from the author, explaining the inspiration for their story.

My first ‘book post’ and what a treat to be able to start with!

My personal favourites were those by Peter Bunzl (with a wonderful character description), a fabulous take on the Mad Hatter by Maz Evans, a short tale posing a strong moral question (from Lauren St John) and two great stories by Piers Torday and Lisa Thompson.

As a teacher these short stories would be a brilliant starting point for so much writing and a joy to read aloud to the children. It’s also a great way to introduce the children to a wide range of writing styles and author voices, within one book.

Short extract and questions for a whole class reading starter…

If you can’t wait until June 2019 to reignite your love for Wonderland, there is something for everyone on the following link from MacMillan.

Thank you to MacMillan for a copy of this fabulous book, in return for an honest review.


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