A moment of magic…

Moments of magic happen every day in schools but sometimes there are those extra special moments – the ones you wish you could bottle and save for rainy days. Make your heart warm and your tummy fuzzy kind of magic moments.

Not so long ago I posted a request for book suggestions on Twitter…

… and was blown away by the fantastic recommendations from so many different, lovely people. One particularly kind response stood out…

Today, during our Nurture lunch group I had the immense privilege of presenting the ‘books are boring’ Y6 child with a package and note (brilliantly written by Stew), that had arrived at school addressed directly to him. He had been excited and pestering all morning because we’d told him there was a surprise for him and he had no idea what it could be.

Stew’s note related cycling up steep mountains to the challenge sometimes facing us when reading a book and the immense pride and enjoyment of reaching ‘the top’ when you persevere with it.

I wish I could have captured the look of sheer joy on his face when he read the note and then opened the package to see the book. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile so much – in school!

“But… Limited Edition means special. It means not everyone else has one.”

“It’s chess… I think it’s about chess. I like chess. I beat my brother at it!”

When he realised it isn’t for sale yet and he would be one of the first to read it – he was smiling so much he couldn’t speak.

The children in the group were all on the edge of their seats as their fabulous Pastoral TA read the blurb out loud…

Felix is struggling at school. His ADHD makes it hard for him to concentrate and his grades are slipping.

A little voice called from across the table, “but Miss. I have ADHD. I HAVE ADHD!!!”

“Can I read that book too, please?”

And suddenly… one reluctant reader converting to the joy of books became two reluctant readers converted-and-negotiating-who-can-read-the-book-first!

Before a third voice chipped in, “But I was hoping I could read it.”

I knew they would be excited but had underestimated how quickly, and just how much, they would be engaged by it.

Heavy attitude dropped from a girl in the group when she realised I have a copy of…

… in my Office and was more than willing to lend it to her.

10 minutes later the group trot out of my office, happily clutching copies of books they’ve borrowed and chattering away about them.

The Y6 boy who started it off has also decided that he would like to help encourage other children who think reading / books are boring to ‘find the right book for them’ and so is going to start a ‘Reading club for children who don’t like reading’ – where he shares and recommends books they might enjoy – and put a display up in the corridor too – with his ‘recommended reads’ on it.

We’re going to work through the great suggestions you all Tweeted so he can read, rate, share and promote them!

So a huge, huge thank you to Stewart Foster for opening a mind and bringing lashings of joy to a ‘non-reader’ today – through a book but also through kindness and connection.

He’s going to keep you posted with what he thinks and ask lots of questions!


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