Tom Percival books

Tom Percival writes and illustrates the most fabulous picture books – perfect for children (and adults!) of all ages. I can’t stop raving about them – to anyone and everyone – so thought it was about time they had a blog post of their own.

Each one has stunning illustrations, captivating use of colour and well-chosen words but I particularly love the way they open up conversation about some challenging emotions and ideas in a non-threatening and accessible way for all. He has a unique style, making his books instantly recognisable as Tom, and the illustrations really are just wonderful. These will be classics for years to come.

Ruby’s Worry

I love this book, my three-year-old loves this book and I recently used it with a class of Year 5 pupils and 1:1 with a Year 6 boy – all of whom loved it too! I’ll be using it this week for a Key Stage Story Assembly with Years 3 to 6.

Ruby has a worry. The more Ruby tries to ignore her worry, the bigger it grows. Until one day, she comes across a boy who seems he may have a worry too. Together, they realise that talking about worries can really help.

Although Ruby’s Worry is a central character to this story, you never actually find out what the Worry is about. This is clever. We don’t need to know and it keeps the focus on the impact of worries and makes the story relevant to whatever a child may be experiencing.

Ruby’s Worry video from Bloomsbury Publishing

Perfectly Norman

Norman is absolutely normal. Just an ordinary boy. Until Norman realises he has a gift; a gift he feels he needs to keep hidden. Wings! And not just any wings. These are beautiful, colourful, wondrous wings. Norman loves the way they make him feel – free. Yet still he hides them. Consumed with fear about how others will react if they see them.

Will Norman have to hide his wings forever or will he realise he can be himself – and others will accept, love and celebrate his unique gifts?

A glorious story for celebrating how wonderfully different and yet ultimately the same (where it counts) we all are. It shows that, no matter how isolated or hidden we may feel, there are others the same and sometimes it is the act of hiding who we are (and what we can do) that causes us the most discomfort.

Perfectly Norman video by Bloomsbury Publishing

Ravi’s Roar

Due for release in August this year, I can NOT wait to read this story.

What will happen when Ravi unleashes his temper of a tiger one day?

This will no doubt be another fantastic book, from Tom, for helping express and understand emotions – no matter how little or big you are!

The Sea Saw

This book brought tears to my eyes. A touching story about something lost – and found. The beautiful illustrations add another layer of depth to the story and can be used (with any age) to develop inference (alongside the words).

We can all relate to loosing something that can’t be replaced and the grief that comes with this. Through ‘The Sea Saw’ you can follow this journey and explore the associated emotions with children of all ages. It’s also a great window into resilience, perseverance and asks the question of the reader… Is anything ever truly lost, if it is loved?

You can buy any of Tom’s books and pre-order Ravi’s Roar using the links below…

Blackwell’s Bookshop




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