Storm Hound

Author: Claire Fayers

This book is a magical mix of adventure, humour, Welsh mythology and ‘mans’ best friend’. Published by Pan MacMillan (21st February 2019) it is ideal for children in Years 4 – 6 (aged 9 to 11) and would be perfect for a teacher to read aloud to a class.

What more could you want from a story than the combination of…

  • a strong, brave, quick-thinking and loyal heroine
  • a gigantic, ferocious Storm Hound reduced to a confused (and witty) loveable puppy
  • a motorbike-riding, grey-haired sorceress
  • a boy… who is a hare
  • a flock of pun sharing sheep
  • Odin – God of storms and
  • a trio of argumentative, disorganised, messy would-be-magician professors on a fake secondment from Bangor University?

I couldn’t have timed reading this story better – as we crossed the border into Wales between me starting and finishing it. The Welsh mountains made a stunning backdrop and I kept looking out the window of our car for any stray dogs, abandoned on the roadside (or falling from the sky!)

This book really would be brilliant to read out loud to a class in school or to a child at bedtime – it has an enchanting mix of gripping adventure and ‘laugh-out-loud’ humour. You could really leave them on some cliffhangers, with laughter ringing in the air – I can hear the voices being used for Storm’s internal monologues and quips already. I think this could also be a great choice for engaging otherwise reluctant readers.

Jessie, and her little brother, are not happy about moving to Wales (following the separation of their parents) and having to start at new schools. At first, the arrival of their new pet (an adorable puppy they name Storm) is a welcome distraction but he soon grows to be much more than that.

Another book, among many I’ve enjoyed recently, with an inspiring female lead and her unlikely animal companion as they adventure together to save the world (or a small town in Wales) from some menacing (and messy) magicians who intend to unleash dark magic on all who cross them.

Can Storm and Jessie stop them in time?

A wonderful tale of friendship, loyalty and where we really belong.

Huge thanks to Pan MacMillan for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.


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