Not my fault

Author: Cath Howe

I really enjoyed the dynamics of the sibling relationship in this book – which is told with alternating chapters from the perspective of each sister (Maya and Rose). You can really feel the resentment, anger and self-destruction overflowing from Maya throughout the story and the impact this has on those around her. This would be enjoyed by children aged 8 to 11+ and could be used with any KS2 class – especially those who are soon to be embarking on a residential visit! Published by Nosy Crow on May 2nd 2019, it will be a great addition to class libraries and bedtime reading collections for the Summer term. I can’t wait to read it aloud with children.

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At the heart of this story are two sisters, not twins but born close enough together to be in the same year at school. The book follows the dynamics of their relationship and emotions through a week long school residential with the added complication that Maya has suffered a permanent injury following an ‘accident’ involving her sister Rose. Rose feels responsible for the pain and life-changing impact for her sister but is experiencing some challenges of her own. Maya blames her sister for more than just the accident – and refuses to speak with her directly whilst employing some underhand and wholly unkind tactics for revenge.

Ultimately, each girl must decide who she really wants to be and what she wants from her life, friendships and their relationship – before it’s too late.

Oh… and there’s also a missing hamster, selkies, a bird feeder made from a bra filled with potato peelings and a less-than-kind teacher to add a few bumps along the way.

You can take a sneak peak inside the book, and read the first chapter for free, on the Nosy Crow website:

You can also watch a video of the author reading an excerpt from the story on the link below, which would be great to share with a class.

Many thanks to Nosy Crow for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.


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