We won an island

Author: Charlotte Lo

A very funny, unexpected and moving story about sibiling relationships and the adventures we can go on if we have the courage to follow our dreams – no matter how bizarre they may seem to others! The only story I have ever read with cheese ice cream, sheep beauty pageants, a Lego ferris wheel, drowning seagulls, bats and a billionaire. I can’t wait to read this aloud to a class and know it would be enjoyed by KS2 – particularly children in years 3 and 4 (aged 7 to 9). Published by Nosy Crow on May 2nd 2019 this will make a great read through the Summer months.

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I laughed a lot whilst reading this book and really liked the way Charlotte has written a story steeped in catastrophe and the outlandishly eccentric that feels very real and subtly tackles some tough emotions and challenges that, sadly, many face every day.

When Luna (who is a good swimmer and desperate to own a donkey sanctuary) and her family become suddenly homeless and her father spirals into a deep depression, following the death of his mother, you could be forgiven for wondering how this is such a funny story! Along with her siblings (one who loves knitting and goats, the other obsessed with flying) Luna persuades a billionaire to let them win an island of their very own – somewhere to call home and pursue their dreams (which for Mum is a yoga retreat and for Dad is watching reruns of his favourite tv programmes in solitude).

Whilst the family are grateful for somewhere to live, the island is remote, run down and they are soon making unwanted headlines in the local press. From performing impromptu plays with minimal notice and scraping bat poo from kitchen counters to organising their own festival and cycling after escaped cows there are highs and lows aplenty. The commonality through each escapade (whether dispiriting or spirited) is hope. The children have endless hope, enthusiasm and belief – in themselves and each other – but will this be enough to see their idea through to triumph?

You can take a sneak peak inside and listen to the first chapter for free on the Nosy Crow website.


Many thanks to Nosy Crow for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.


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