Wigglesbottom Primary: The classroom cat

Author: Pamela Butchart

Illustrator: Becka Moor

Although this is part of a series, I hadn’t read any of the previous books. I have, however, now added them all to my wish list. I absolutely loved it. Funny, accessible, brilliantly illustrated and designed – just perfect for children aged 5 to 8. Published by Nosy Crow in July 2019, this series is a must for all KS1 and LKS2 classrooms and will now be one of my go-to-gifts for children in that age range.

This book actually made me wish it was September already so I could read it aloud with a class or hall full of children. It is definitely something to be shared (or read secretly under the covers by torch light).

Younger children will love that these books are presented in ‘chapters’ and feel ‘grown-up’ whilst simultaneously still having fantastic and quirky illustrations and clever use of colour. Each chapter is actually a different short story, making them a good introduction to longer reads and full chapter books that can’t be read in one go.

Although they are aimed at children 5+ my three-year-old saw me reading it and begged me to share it with him; he was hooked by the inviting cover and different layout and design inside. We didn’t move from the sofa until I had read the whole book to him three times consecutively and even then he only let us stop on the promise we could read it again at bedtime – he is desperate for some of the others in the series now.

The stories are set in a Primary school and Pamela has expertly captured the combination of everyday occurrences and imagination that are the bread and butter of schools and children alike. School lunches, coach trips to museums, secret diseases caught from eating food that’s touched the ground, imaginary friends, playground bullies and teachers. From phrases that will invoke your own childhood memories of school, to rituals and friendships you will recognise from today – We laughed out loud, shared the silliness and ended up playing games all afternoon inspired by the stories and characters.

A massive thank you to Nosy Crow for introducing me to such a hilarious and well-written series that is going to become a much loved favourite in our household – in return for a honest review.


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