What does an anteater eat?

Author: Ross Collins

Illustrator: Ross Collins

What does an anteater eat? You could be forgiven for thinking this is a simple enough question, with a simple enough answer but it proves far from simple for one particular anteater with a rumbly tummy, on a quest to sate his hunger. This superbly silly story was published, by Nosy Crow, in July 2019 and will be a crowd pleaser for those who have enjoyed any of Ross’ previous books or those who like the ‘Oi frog’ series.

Anteater has a problem. He is hungry. Unfortunately, he also has another problem. Anteater does not know what anteaters eat. Throughout the (gorgeously illustrated) book he approaches various different creatures, and friends, from across the animal kingdom to try and establish an answer to his question that will help him fill his empty tummy. Eventually, he works out an answer for himself – with a little bit of help from a very tiny and unlikely source.

Children, of all ages, will adore and laugh-out-loud at this very silly and fun book. It is perfect for reading aloud and adding different voices to and has our three-year-old in hysterics at the end. (I must admit to struggling to keep a straight face now I know what is coming!)

Alongside the energy and vibrant colour of the illustrations, the quirky story and funny ending, there were lots of opportunities for questions about the different animals shown; What they are? Where they live? What do the they really eat?

As an added bonus you can also hear the story read aloud, for free, by scanning the QR code on the inside, front cover with your phone.

A huge thank you to Nosy Crow for a copy of this superbly silly and hilariously brilliant book in return for an honest review.


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