Nosy Crow – July 2019

These five fantastic books have been published by Nosy Crow in July (2019) with something for all ages!

Babies and toddlers

100 first words

Author: Edward Underwood

Illustrator: Edward Underwood

Click on the image of the book cover above to be taken to a ‘sneak peek’ video and more information, on the Nosy Crow website.

There are lots of first words books available on the market but this one really stood out to me – for a number of reasons – and will become a staple purchase as a gift for newborns.

I particularly liked the large format and found this really helped when sharing the book with a little one. The layout is fresh and stylish with bright and tasteful colours – nothing garish.Ideal for baby’s nursery or in a toddler’s hand it also looks great and aesthetically pleasing on a coffee table for grown-ups.

Of all the books in our July delivery from Nosy Crow, this is the one my 3yo instantly ran off with and has still not given back – he’s hidden it amongst other ‘secret-treasure’ to be read over and over again.

Each page has colourful blocks with simple, eye-catching and dynamic illustrations to match the well-chosen 100 words. The pages are grouped into similar themes for example animals and many include interactive elements like flaps and mirrored sections.


Ralphie Dog at the station

Author: Melissa Crowton

Illustrator: Melissa Crowton

With large flaps (fabric and card), busy illustrations and a mirrored section there is plenty to keep little ones entertained within this book; great for rainy days, shared story time, independent exploring and long journeys it will be loved by children who enjoy reading and even those who don’t!

Many key concepts are introduced throughout this simple story and there is lots of opportunity for adults to add to the text and prompt discussion and questions both with and from young children.


Snow White

Illustrator: Ed Bryan

Through lively and engaging illustrations, Ed Bryan brings to life a more modern version of this famous fairytale that will complement more traditional editions.

Whilst maintaining the original characters and plot, this story will bring smiles and some familiarity to young children today. It would be great for reading aloud to a class, as a shared story in assemblies, to work on retelling of traditional and fairy tales in English lessons and as a bedtime read at home.


Press out and decorate: Ancient Egypt

Illustrator: Kate McLelland

The latest in the ‘press out and decorate’ series is a collaboration between Nosy Crow and the British Museum – focused on Ancient Egyptian artefacts. Each page has multiple objects that are beautifully drawn and pre-cut to be pressed out and easily assembled into decorations. They look stunning as they are – with intricate detail in gold foil and white – or can be coloured in and decorated further by the child.

Alongside the decorations to make is some definitions and information related to the objects and specific terminology – so children can learn as they make. Young fans of Egyptian history will love being able to make their very own artefacts and this is ideal to be prepared for rainy days over the summer holidays.


Out and about: Night Explorer

Illustrator: Sara Martel

From a collaboration with the National Trust this book will be eagerly read by young wildlife lovers, nature enthusiasts, outdoor explorers and adventurers alike. Whilst I have seen many books with suggestions of activities and information for the outdoors, this is one of the first I have read that is dedicated to night-time.

Packed with ideas, answers and inspirations for children, this book will help them to identify nocturnal wildlife, navigate using the stars and have fun on their own nature walk.

Massive thanks, as always, to Nosy Crow for such a wonderful selection of books to enjoy in return for honest reviews.


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