Billy and the dragon

Author: Nadia Shireen

Illustrator: Nadia Shireen

I hadn’t read the previous Billy story (Billy and the Beast – 2018) but will certainly be borrowing a copy from our local library now. Billy and the Dragon (published in July 2019 by Jonathan Cape) was an absolute delight and has been chosen by our three-year-old, for a bedtime read, on multiple nights in a row. It never fails to raise a smile and several exclamations of glee. He has been inspired, by Billy, to role play as a courageous hero with hair he can keep a telescope in!

Billy and Fatcat are a fabulous and lovable duo – even if Fatcat is, at times, rather begrudging. In this story they venture to a fancy dress party where an unexpected encounter with a dragon leads to a mission to retrieve Fatcat from its claws!

Children will love the humour, silliness and fun packed within the pages of this delightfully illustrated book and Billy is just the kind of protagonist we need more of in the world.


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