Yasmin – the Superhero

Author: Saadia Faruqi

Illustrator: Hatem Aly

Yasmin the superhero is the latest release in the Yasmin series – superb books aimed at children from KS1 and LKS2 (5 – 8 years old). These short chapter books are great for sharing and building confidence, and interest, as children start to read more independently. They are also an important addition to bookshelves and reading lists to increase diversity and representation in children’s books.

The simple stories are easy to follow but high interest and enhanced by inclusion of integrated references to Yasmin’s Pakistani culture – including vocabulary, food, clothing and family.

In this particular instalment Yasmin has decided she is a superhero and goes on a thorough search for a dastardly, evil villain to defeat – but not before her Nani and Nana provide her with a cape (dupatta) and eye mask as a costume. Unfortunately for her, villains in her local area are sparse but she is heroic in her completion of good deeds for neighbours and friends – something her baba reminds her is the making of a real superhero.

My three-year-old really enjoyed this book and has been playing at making lassi for his toys and Lego figures since. He really liked being able to read and learn together about Pakistan from the information at the back of the book, which has lead him to ask more questions – including, “Please can I add some more Yasmin books to my birthday list?”

Children will really relate to Yasmin and her real-life adventures but she is particularly inspiring and important for those children who will find they are not often represented in books and stories.


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