Reviews organised by age

I realise that the majority of this blog is just a long list of book reviews – the aim of which is to hopefully help you find something that you (or someone else) might like to read. Unhelpfully though, they range from books for babies to those for adults (with everything in between) and the only order is the one I have read them in. I imagine there are tags and things I could have used to help with this, but I’m still learning the ropes for blogging. Maybe, if it’s possible, I’ll go back and add them at some point.

So, each of the front covers below will take you to my review for that book and I have attempted to group by age range to make the reviews easier to look through. There are no hard or fast rules with this – as the age at which a book will be appropriate (or enjoyed by someone) will vary greatly depending on their tastes, maturity, prior-reading, confidence, engagement, concentration, personal circumstances etc. Many of the books are also absolutely appropriate to be enjoyed by more than one of the age bands I’ve used below. They are intended as a very rough guide.

Pre-school and EYFS (0 – 5)

KS1 (5 – 7)

LKS2 (7 – 9)

UKS2 (9 – 11)