About me

Life: Whilst I love my job, care deeply about my work and am very committed and hard working in school, I very much ‘work to live’ and not the other way round. ‘Live’ for me is my family – husband and two sons (Dexter who is three and his ‘big brother’ Arthur, who was devastatingly stillborn at 39+ weeks) – friends, running, swimming, holidays and READING!

Reading: I have always been an absolute bookworm and would regularly be ‘in trouble’ as a child for walking places and crossing roads with my head buried deep in a book. One of my earliest memories of school is being asked to go and help teach the younger children to read (using ‘crash cards’) while I was in Year 1. What better way is there to explore the world, learn, laugh, love, cry, be inspired, escape, adventure, challenge yourself, disappear, grow and be in awe – without leaving your bed!! – than through books?

One of my greatest pleasures as a parent is to share and enjoy books with my children – it is one of the very few memories that we were fortunate enough to be able to make with Arthur. Similarly, one of my biggest passions in education is to share this love and excitement with children in school. What greater gift can we give them, than supporting them to become ‘readers’?

Work: I’m currently the Deputy Head of a large (three-form entry) Community Primary School in Levenshulme, Manchester. I’ve been in this role since September 2017 and enjoy the wider impact I can have as a non-classed based leader. My responsibilities are varied but include Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, Assessment, CPD & Staff Development, Year 4, 5 & 6 Lead, Behaviour, Leadership Development, Maths, DDSL, Subject Teams, Monitoring & Evaluation…

Prior to this role, I’ve had really varied experience including 8 months as an Acting Headteacher, 5 years as Deputy Head of a single-form Primary and have taught across all age groups from Nursery to Year 6 – at different times I’ve been the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 lead. Most of my teaching has been within Stockport, Trafford and Manchester apart from two years in New Zealand and a couple of months supply in Sheffield (following a period of travelling in Japan and Thailand!) I love learning from different people and making connections between different places and ways of doing things – there is, after all, many ways to skin a cat!

In a previous life I swam to France. https://ellathemermaid.wordpress.com/


Unless otherwise stated, any reviews of books I publish are because I have genuinely loved and been touched by the book and what to share this so you can be too. I’ve usually bought the book myself (from an Independent bookshop wherever possible!) and often request and borrow books from our local library too.

Where I have been provided with a copy of a book, by a publisher or author, in return for an honest review – this is clearly indicated in the post.