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Rainbow of Book Covers

Rainbow of book covers

There is such a fantastic range of incredible children’s literature around at the moment and I wanted to find a way to share as many of these as possible, with our children and staff, in a fun way. I was hoping to pique interest enough for people to pop their head in my office and ask to borrow something, without them having to go ‘out of their way’. Hence, the ‘Rainbow of book covers’ was born. I intend to keep adding to it and maybe one day can fill the corridor!

Mystery Books

I’ve stolen and adapted this idea from Mr Mclugash – who I can highly recommend as worth a follow on Twitter or you can see his blog via the link below.

Ready for delivery to Year 5 and Year 6 on World Book Day

I wrapped multiple copies of the same book, to deliver to classes along with a ‘Sneak Peak’ and ‘Sign-up’ sheet. The idea is to get children excited about reading and trying something that may be outside of their usual choice(s). I like to think of it as a school version of the fabulous ‘Willoughby books subscription’ I look forward to every month.

The posters are displayed in the classroom and teachers give a copy of the book to each of the first children to sign up. Once they have finished, they are encouraged to rate the book and then pass to the next child on the list.

For added ‘wow’ the Year 5 books had a Golden Ticket hidden inside them – with an invite to an upcoming Skype session with the author (Amber Lee Dodd). It was worth every moment of frantically battling with sellotape on the morning of WBD to see the sheer delight on the children’s faces, as they ran into my Office clutching their tickets later in the day.

A ‘Golden Ticket’ hidden inside each copy of the book invites the child to an upcoming Skype with the author of the book. Huge thanks to Amber Lee Dodd for this!
Some of the shelves in my office…