Author: Daisy Johnson

This is definitely not a children’s book – so if you are here looking for one of my many recommendations of children’s literature to read aloud to your class or bedtime reads for your offspring, this is not for you! However, if you are looking to stumble across something different, a book you may not have picked to read yourself or something that will widen your usual reading choices – give this a go. I’m glad I did. It’s Daisy’s debut collection of short stories, published by Vintage in 2017, and is quite hard to describe but well worth a read.

Whilst each of the short stories within it is different and unique, there are themes, settings, characters and plot that weave throughout the book – making connections that circle, ever-tightening until you reach the end. Dark magic, mythology and great storytelling all combine with a poetic and daring style to create a truly unique and captivating voice.

Daisy’s characters are centred around powerful, entrancing women who live courageous lives and raise as many questions as they do answers. Her word choice is effortless and bold. The stories short but lingering.

I was recommended this book by a knowledgable bookseller in response to my queries for something that would stretch me and challenge my usual taste in books. (I have found short stories to be an accessible and successful way to do this – less off-putting than tackling a contrasting tome to my comfort reads.) It was an excellent suggestion and I’ll be adding more of Daisy’s work to my collection as a result. I hope you do too!


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