Look Up!

Author: Nathan Bryon

Illustrator: Dapo Adeola

This is a great book for all ages – the quirky, fun and dynamic lead character (Rocket) is very relatable and brilliantly brought to life by Dapo’s illustrations. It’s exciting to see debut talent showcasing strong, diverse characters and important messages – we could all do with less looking down and far more looking up! Published by Penguin UK in June 2019 this has already become a favourite in our household.

I love the way this story is told – there isn’t reams of text but what there is, says a lot. It worked well for reading aloud and sharing together (with my 3 year old at home but I can also imagine with a class or school assembly) and my son immediately grabbed it from me and went off to hide and paw through the pages himself – he was absolutely absorbed with the pictures and layout.

I love the gap in Rocket’s teeth; the references in the images that aren’t mentioned in the text; the links to real life hero Mae Jemison; the ‘did you know’ real life facts; the touching sibling relationship; the absolute belief Rocket has in herself and her super strong ambition (alongside a powerful vulnerability and fragility) and most of all, I love the subtle (but very clear) nod to our escalating use of mobile phones and impact of screen time cleverly interwoven in a joyous story.

In this book, Nathan and Dapo have skilfully captured the wonder, awe and imagination of children the world over – cardboard box inventions, stuffed animal press conferences and big adventures in your local park.

If you’re looking for energy, hope and a really good story then this is for you!


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