Anna at war

Author: Helen Peters

Tears were streaming down my face when I finished this poignant story – not helped by the unexpected twist at the end.

Initially, the book begins with a child in recent times who is inspired, by lessons at school, to speak with his grandmother (Anna) about her experiences during WW2; soon, it skips back in time as Anna relives her childhood journey from Germany to England.

Whilst the story is fiction, Helen Peters has undertaken extensive historical research and collaboration to ensure she skilfully weaves accurate and honest reflections of real experiences throughout. Published by Nosy Crow in July 2019, this will entertain and inform children from 8+ and particularly appeal to those who are interested in that period of history or just like a really good, and moving, story.

Click on the front cover above to read the first three chapters for free – on the Nosy Crow website.

Anna and her family, along with so many other Jewish people, suffered terribly during Nazi occupation of Germany and were heartbreakingly separated when she is sent to England as part of the Kinder transport. Unlike the majority of people during WW2, Anna becomes involved in an exciting and dangerous mission that could help significantly with the war effort – alongside her efforts and challenges to find belonging in a new country, with a different family and no friends. She is a fierce and quietly determined heroine who demonstrates real resilience, courage and generosity of spirit in some of the most harrowing of times.

Many thanks to Nosy Crow for a copy of this adventure and emotion filled book, in return for an honest review.


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