Sensational butterflies

Author: Ben Rothery

Illustrator: Ben Rothery

I have followed and admired Ben’s work for a while, so was thrilled to win a copy of his new book ‘Sensational Butterflies’. It didn’t disappoint. This is a very large, hardback book packed with fascinating information and utterly stunning, vibrant and exquisitely detailed illustrations. It was published by Ladybird in February 2019 and is a must-have for nature enthusiasts of all ages (although is aimed at 4 – 8 year olds).

Ben describes himself as ‘detail-obsessed’ and he isn’t wrong! The life-like nature of his illustrations means the butterflies lift from the pages and the size of the book (particularly the impressive double-page spreads) induce further awe. I’m mesmerised each time I open it and my three-year-old made an audible ‘wow’ (whilst grabbing it from my hands and running off to his tent to devour it) the first time he saw it.

The pictures draw you in – vibrant colours, each individual hair on the wings visible – and you can’t help but touch. I’m obsessed with the embossing on the front cover which is incredibly tactile and very hard to resist. (It’s quite soothing to follow the lines of the butterfly with your eye and fingertip simultaneously).

The sensational thing about this book though is that it is not just a thing of beauty. Within the pages, carefully crafted around the images, is enough information, fascinating facts and written detail to keep even the keenest of lepidopterists occupied. Great for dipping in and out of or for a longer browse and learn.

You can even buy a signed copy, direct from Ben. I can’t wait for his ‘Hidden Planet’ to be released in October.


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